Holografia Polska


2D/3D Effects

Enable to recreate an image of several planes while maintaining maximum depth of sharpness.
Enable to obtain the effect of dimension of inscriptions and a background for increasing aesthetic values securing the hologram.

“Real 3D” effects

Enable to create three-dimensional objects in space, while maintaining high depth of sharpness.
Available in the best holographic companies in the world, including ours.

“True colour” effects

Applied to obtain images of the desired saturation of colours; we use them, among others, to recreate logos and graphics on the hologram.

Microtest and nanographics

Application of microtests saved in a resolution up to 96 000 DPI guarantees the highest protection of the hologram. We can also produce graphics visible only after applying 80x zoom.

Lens effects

Elements ensuring maximum protection of the hologram
Enable to produce a hologram that is easy to identify and which contains an interesting visual effect.

Guilloche drawings

Serve to create complex images on the hologram
Enable to obtain kinematic effects.

Animation elements

Improve the aesthetic value of the hologram and enable to better distinguish the product.

Hidden images

Enable to hide information and reproduce it only using a special scanner.

Multichannel images

Enable to place several variable images in one point of the hologram.
We are able to place four images in one point, which puts us in the forefront of global companies applying systems of exposing holograms.