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Holograms – brand protection and product security

Holografia Polska is the leading provider of solutions for security and brand promotion. Thanks to our experience and the latest technologies, we are able to offer original products of the highest quality and at competitive prices.

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hologram personalizowany z logo

Standard holograms with a logo

Difficult to counterfeit, yet easy to verify. Their low price makes them irreplaceable in product protection and marketing purposes. A great solution for small and medium quantities.


Transparent holograms

A unique solution for product promotion and security. They provide a unique visual effect, while ensuring high security. Especially recommended for packaging and certificates.


Custom holograms

Holograms fully adjusted to the Customer's needs. Additional security measures make it possible to obtain a unique hologram with the highest quality and a remarkable level of security.

security label plomba

Security labels

The best protection of the product against unauthorised opening. The label is virtually impossible to forge and leaves a distinctive mark when peeled off. It provides a wide range of personalisation possibilities.

holo seal plomba


Seals with unique holographic patterns and the possibility of any type of personalisation. They protect the product perfectly, e.g. from being opened, and become damaged when attempted to tamper with them.

certyfikat standardowy

Security prints

The printing of documents with a high degree of protection through the use of holograms, watermarks, chemically reactive paper or UV inks. We also offer graphic design of prints.

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Scratch-off hologram

Allows to hide any information on the hologram. It will work well with promotional coupons or marketing campaigns.

Transparent hologram

A minimalistic look at the hologram. Perfect for a series of exclusive products.

Security label

Exceptional security from counterfeiting thanks to double hologram protection. Sealing material appropriate for all surfaces.

Hologram information label

Marking and securing the product as one. Economic confirmation of the authenticity of your product.

Holo seal

An excellent way to secure your packaging in an appealing way. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of personalisation, it will provide a unique pattern that will match the packaging.

Hologram vouchers

Highly secured prints, documents, and securities. Level of protection adapted to individual needs.
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Why should you trust us?

Our products are distinguished by a number of certificates. Take a look at them.
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Since 5 September 2011, we have been a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association, an organisation associating the best and most reliable companies involved in the design and manufacture of holographic security.

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PN-EN ISO 9001:2015

We have a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the latest international standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture, and provision of holograms and other holographic security.

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Dolnośląski Certyfikat Gospodarczy

In 2010, we received the Lower Silesian Economic Certificate awarded by the Chapter of the Lower Silesian Economic Certificate chaired by the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Province.

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We have implemented and use a certified Information Security Management System, in the scope of design and manufacture of holograms, in accordance with the latest international standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001.

Area of knowledge

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A strong position on the Polish holographic market is supported by our brands:

Security Druk, JM Hologramy and Rolland V.

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