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The minimum quantity is 100 units. There is a possibility of making a smaller number of holograms for you, e.g. 20 or 50 units, but the cost of such an order will be as in the case of 100 units. This is directly related to manufacturing process costs.

Please send us your logo in vector formats, known as curves. If you send us your logo in the raster format, the quality of its reproduction may be very poor.

Yes, we manufacture all our holograms on a VOID film. If you try to peel it off, the characteristic VOID inscriptions are left on the hologram and the surface. You can read about possible ways of delamination and how the hologram behaves on different materials in our article (Polish version).

A standard hologram is ordered based on existing patterns manufactured by us, which we personalise by placing your logo, text, numbering, etc. using the chosen technique. Such a solution works perfectly with smaller quantities, we execute orders from 100 units. Patterns and execution examples can be found here.

A customised hologram is a completely unique product, designed from the beginning with the customer in mind and according to the provided guidelines. We strongly recommend it for larger quantities—from 30,000 units. You can read more about customised holograms in this section.

No. We do not sell blank holograms. We sell our own patterns, designed and manufactured by us, we take great care of safety and therefore we cannot afford the lack of control over what is later applied to such a blank hologram.

The execution time depends on the product:

“BUY IMMEDIATELY” products: execution on the day of receipt of the order (for orders accepted by 2 PM)

standard products: up to 3 working days

products requiring additional tooling, non-standard: deadline set individually

We make every effort to execute your order in the shortest possible time. In exceptional cases the deadlines may be extended and we will inform you about this.

Of course. Although its visibility depends on the holographic pattern chosen, it is an aesthetic, visible personalisation.

No, you can apply the logo and numbering and the price will remain the same, assuming it is a single type of personalisation.

This is of course a matter of personal taste but we recommend round holograms for certificates. The holograms with the logo from an additional matrix look very good, while the silver print also works very well.