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Holographic seals

Holographic seals #1

low price

optimal manufacturing costs

Holographic seals #2


gets damaged when attempted to peel off

Holographic seals #3


progressive numbering or alphanumeric variable from the database

QR code or barcode for additional information

Holographic seals #4

any kind of customisation

various techniques for the application of logotype and other information

Holographic seals #5

wide range of use

products, housings, product packaging, certificates, and more...

Holographic seals #6

in the form of a sticker

self-adhesive label

Our holographic seals, just like security holograms, are made of damageable materials, including VOID type materials, which get damaged when attempted to peel off, thus they perform very well as a security measure by sealing closed product packaging, products themselves or certificates. They are equally suitable for sealing the housing of electrical equipment or tools and in many other places where sealing is required.

Holographic security seals that have been manufactured using unique holographic patterns are a solution that is very difficult to forge. Such seals can also be freely personalised, e.g. with laser engraving technology or from an additional matrix, which provides additional security. If you care about seals with unique holographic patterns, please contact us.

Quantity: from 100 units

Deadline: 2-7 working days (depending on the personalisation technique)

Hologram film colours: silver, gold, copper, transparent

Hologram personalisation methods:


  • in silver and gold metallic and black, red, blue and green, and other colours

laser demetallisation

  • removal of metal layer in the hologram, the element adopts the colour of the background on which it is applied; the highest resistance of the hologram to physical and chemical factors

additional matrix

  • holographic logotype obtained by embossing from the additional matrix

relief printing

  • smelting of the logotype in the outer layer of the hologram

Possible numbering:

numbering can be applied on the hologram as a sequence or as alphanumeric variables from an external database

Possibility of placing QR codes or barcodes.

Are you interested in our offer?

You can call or write to us. We will discuss on how your original product can be secured.

    Express hologramStandard hologram with your logotypeCustomised hologram with your logotype

    Circle 30 mmCircle 25 mmCircle 20 mmCircle 12 mmSquare 25 x 25 mmSquare 20 x 20 mmSquare 15 x 15 mmSquare 12 x 12 mmRectangle 43 x 13 mmRectangle 20 x 10 mmRectangle 15 x 10 mmRectangle 25 x 8 mmOther


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