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Parking passes

Parking passes #1

highest security

the use of multiple security measures

Parking passes #2


various logotype application techniques

customised design

Parking passes #3

unique serial number

individual marking of each pass

Parking passes #4

any shape and size

made in accordance with the Customers’ guidelines

Parking passes #5

a perfect solution for

residential communities

housing associations

parking lot managers

companies and institutions

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You can call or write to us. We will discuss on how your original product can be secured.

    Express hologramStandard hologram with your logotypeCustomised hologram with your logotype

    Circle 30 mmCircle 25 mmCircle 20 mmCircle 12 mmSquare 25 x 25 mmSquare 20 x 20 mmSquare 15 x 15 mmSquare 12 x 12 mmRectangle 43 x 13 mmRectangle 20 x 10 mmRectangle 15 x 10 mmRectangle 25 x 8 mmOther


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