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Scratch-off holograms

Scratch-off holograms #1

unique system

combination of scratch-off and holographic label features

Scratch-off holograms #2

short execution period

adapted for quick manufacturing (1 working day)

Scratch-off holograms #3

hiding information

it is possible to hide alphanumeric codes, text information or any other graphic elements under the scratch-off layer

Scratch-off holograms #4

wide range of use

lottery tickets, passwords, PIN codes, verification and authorisation codes

Scratch-off holograms #5


various logotype application techniques

Scratch-off holograms #6

any shape and size

Scratch-off holograms is a unique system that combines the essential features of an ordinary scratch-off and special features of a holographic label. The combination of the two provides a label that protects the product and additionally contains hidden information.

It is possible to hide alphanumeric codes, information in the text form or any other graphic elements under the scratch-off layer. The function of hiding information allows to use scratch-offs as lottery tickets, dedicated confidential information carriers, i.e. passwords, payment card PINs, codes used to top up a mobile phone account, other verification codes, etc.

Quantity: from 100 units,

Deadline: up to 3 working days

Hologram personalisation methods:

  • print (in silver and gold metallic, black, red, blue and green or holographic; other colour possible upon consultation)
  • laser demetalisation (removal of metal layer in the hologram, the element adopts the colour of the background on which it is applied; the highest resistance of the hologram to physical and chemical factors)
  • additional matrix (holographic logotype obtained by embossing from the additional matrix, the logotype shines in all colours)
  • relief printing (smelting of the logotype in the outer layer of the hologram, high resistance of the hologram to physical and chemical factors)

Possible numbering: numbering can be applied on the hologram as a sequence or as alphanumeric variables from an external database

Here are the most frequently selected shapes and sizes of holograms. We have many combinations of designs in our offer.

Do you need a different dimension? Contact us! More than 100 die-cut shapes ready at stock.

Caution: The image below does not depict actual dimensions.

ksztalty i rozmiary hologramow

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