Seal labels

Depending on the degree of protection of a product against unauthorized manipulation, we offer several forms of seals. We offer all of them (except holographic) in three versions of print: full, partial, and without overprint.

We provide any means of packaging. We rely on self-adhesive materials produced by the global leader in the industry, thanks to which we are confident that our products will meet your tests of quality and use.

We offer the following materials:

  • They are created on the basis of the standard hologram produced in our company.
  • Their uniqueness is confirmed by the holographic matrix that contains a number of protections against copying.
  • Protection of this type guarantees that forging the seal will be virtually impossible.
  • At an attempt to detach, they leave a characteristic pattern on the base or label


  • Popular protection seals. At an attempt to detach, they leave a characteristic pattern on the base or label



  • For the production of these seals, a foamed polymer with a strong layer of acrylic glue is used.
  • At an attempt to detach, they are easily destroyed.



  • Seals, which are a combination of a hologram and a self-destructive guarantee seal.
  • The hologram is applied in the form of a narrow strip along the shorter edge of the seal.
  • The resulting product has characteristics of a seal with the highest level of authenticity.

Information labels, barcodes

We offer information labels at any stage of print and in a form of packaging selected by you. By having a complete database of barcodes, we are able to quickly mark the products from your offer. In addition, we propose applying information labels containing a holographic element, which will significantly speed up the verification of the authenticity of a given product.