Secure Prints, Tickets

We would like to offer you printing of documents with varying degrees of protection, among others, using holographic protection, papers with watermarks or chemically reactive papers.

In the graphic studio, we will deal comprehensively with every project, so that the obtained certificates, gift vouchers or tickets constitute an aesthetic and professional business card of every organization.


We are also open to cooperation with other printing houses; we offer the service of hot-stamping a hologram on the material provided by the Client. For more information about cooperation please contact us via telephone at one of the following numbers:

+48 (0-71) 316 17 33
+48 (0-71) 316 17 34
+48 (0-71) 316 17 31


Seal labels

Depending on the degree of protection of a product against unauthorized manipulation, we offer several forms of seals. We offer all of them (except holographic) in three versions of print: full, partial, and without overprint.

We provide any means of packaging. We rely on self-adhesive materials produced by the global leader in the industry, thanks to which we are confident that our products will meet your tests of quality and use.

We offer the following materials:

  • They are created on the basis of the standard hologram produced in our company.
  • Their uniqueness is confirmed by the holographic matrix that contains a number of protections against copying.
  • Protection of this type guarantees that forging the seal will be virtually impossible.
  • At an attempt to detach, they leave a characteristic pattern on the base or label


  • Popular protection seals. At an attempt to detach, they leave a characteristic pattern on the base or label



  • For the production of these seals, a foamed polymer with a strong layer of acrylic glue is used.
  • At an attempt to detach, they are easily destroyed.



  • Seals, which are a combination of a hologram and a self-destructive guarantee seal.
  • The hologram is applied in the form of a narrow strip along the shorter edge of the seal.
  • The resulting product has characteristics of a seal with the highest level of authenticity.

Information labels, barcodes

We offer information labels at any stage of print and in a form of packaging selected by you. By having a complete database of barcodes, we are able to quickly mark the products from your offer. In addition, we propose applying information labels containing a holographic element, which will significantly speed up the verification of the authenticity of a given product.


Scratch-off Holograms

Scratch-off holograms are a combination of the popular “scratch-off labels” and traditional holograms, which constitutes an aesthetic distinction of the product, while ensuring the authenticity of its origin.

Scratch-off holograms is a unique solution, as it is available only in the offer of the companies Holografia Polska s.c. and JM Hologramy.

Possible uses of this product are unrestricted in practice, and depends only on the demands and imagination of our clients.


Below we present a few of the popular uses:

    1. Visual identification + inclusion of cryptic information.


  • branded products
  • promotional campaigns, loyalty campaigns

    2. Confirmation of the originality of the product + inclusion of cryptic information.


  • the hologram is already produced which means no additional costs of preparation
  • in the framework of cooperation with the company JM Hologramy we are able to increase production circulation to a maximum

    3. Confirmation of the originality of the product + inclusion of cryptic information on the product.


  • secured prints, low-circulation
  • low-circulation pre-paid prints

The SCRATCH-OFF hologram is offered as a self-adhesive label, destructive when unauthorised detaching is attempted. The shape and size of the sticker is optional. As a protection hologram we enable (depending on circulation) the realization of an individual design or customization of one of our trade designs using any technique.

An important issue when we deliver our product is the minimum circulation, which is already just 100 pieces and the possibility to produce samples, which in the case of using traditional holographic scratch-offs is economically unprofitable.

Specialist Holograms

Keeping in mind the unique expectations in the scope of protection of your products, we offer a number of additional holographic protection, which guarantee the safety of originality in almost every sector of business.

Currently, we have the following solutions:


  • Holograms on thermo-retractable film to protect the seals of packaging in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.



  • Holograms produced on transparent film to secure identity cards and any documents where the visibility of the background is necessary.



  • An innovative solution enabling to produce coins with a holographic background with the characteristics of a real coin, containing an actual relief and metal alloys



  • Microholograms are one of the most modern developments in the field of holography; they are miniature holograms on nickel particles of a size less than 1 mm (standard size is 0.3 mm). Microholograms are widely applied thanks to the differentiated form of application:
  • As a spray to mark, for example, parts of machinery, vehicles, works of art or any other valuable item,
  • In paper mass as a form of the highest protection of a document
  • In printing inks.


Semestral Holograms


We would like to inform you that we are a manufacturer of holograms used for extending the period of validity of Electronic Students’ Identity Cards. The product available in our company complies with the ORDINANCE OF THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION AND TERTIARY EDUCATION of 2 November 2006 concerning documentation of the course of studies (Journal of Laws of 8 December 2006). We invite you to get to know the full specification of the product.


Product specification:

  • Size: 10 x 9 mm
  • Thickness: 36 µm
  • Type: autodestructive, preventing repeated sticking
  • Technique of production: 2D/3D

Specification of personalization:

  • Method: date in format dd-mm-yy
  • Type: permanent, irremovable
  • Technique: printing
  • Laser marking

Terms of cooperation:

  • Circulation: any
  • Packaging: sheets
  • Realization period: up to 5 days
  • Price: depending on the circulation

We declare that the semestral hologram supplied by our company fully meets the conditions required in the binding ORDINANCE OF THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION AND TERTIARY EDUCATION of 2 November 2006 concerning the documentation of the course of studies (Journal of Laws of 8 December 2006).

Ordinance – download file.


Hot-Stamping Holograms

Holograms intended for application with heat work best as protection of forms and securities, payment and loyalty cards, as well as packaging of products and pharmaceuticals in circulations of hundreds of thousands. We guarantee excellent protection of the product with a minimal increase in the cost of production of the packaging.

We produce both films with a repeating design (wallpaper, generic), as well as with a tag for applying a positioned design.


Standard Holograms

Standard Holograms are intended for Clients who value quick time of realization and the absence of costs of prepress (exposing the hologram), thanks to which we obtain solutions at an affordable price. We can produce even 100 pieces of standard holograms, which protection value remains at a similar level as in the case of individual holograms.

For your full satisfaction, we offer 15 designs of holograms, which we shall subject to further personalization. Designs from the Kine series can have any shape and size. Please consult the dimensions: we have more than 100 punches!

Silver holograms:

Standard Holo type holograms occur only in the given dimensions.

Standard Kine type holograms occur in any shapes.

Gold holograms:

We secure standard holograms in many different ways. One of them is self-destruction of the hologram at attempts to manipulate. Each hologram is made of a matrix, which is our property and during exposure we applied a number of protection techniques, including those that are imperceptible, without the use of specialized verification tools. In addition, we offer several possibilities of print and personalization of holograms in order to create unique and distinctive protection for our Clients’ products:


  • Overprint

No costs of prepress – the guarantee of low cost of production.

48 hours – this is all it takes for the realization of the project.


  • Double matrix

When a standard hologram mimics the individual hologram. We create it through making an additional matrix, in the form of a logo, design, by which we place an additional hologram or any metalized foil on the standard hologram.


  • Dry stamp

This method enables to obtain a logo, design, visible only under certain angles.


  • Laser personalization

This method enables to engrave any logo, text or number on the hologram using a laser. The engraving is impalpable, because we work in the internal structure of the hologram. This method enables to obtain designs with a lifelong guarantee of chemical and mechanical resistance.


Individual Holograms

For circulation above 100,000 pieces, we offer individual holograms. We expose them from scratch according to the specific guidelines of our customer. We determine the degree of protection on the basis of individual requirements and purpose of the hologram. Always offered as self-destructive in an attempt to manipulate.

Express Holograms

Express holograms with permanently set-in serial numbers using a laser are the perfect solution for Clients seeking express realization while maintaining reasonable prices.

Here are 5 of the most important advantages of numbered holograms offered by us:

  1. Short time of realization:
  • realization on the day of the order (for orders accepted until 2 p.m.)
  • shipment by courier (from 3000 pieces free of charge!).

2. Low Price

  • the hologram is already produced which means no additional costs of preparation
  • in the framework of cooperation with the company JM Hologramy we are able to increase production circulation to a maximum

3. Safety:

  • the hologram is produced in Poland in our production plant(Wrocław/Pietrzykowice)
  • we have the production management system complying with ISO standards and a copyright management system for numbered holograms.
  • the hologram is protected against imitation attempts due to a few of the most effective holographic techniques
  • there is no problem with shipping, as our products are sent via courier, and we secure every package, regardless of circulation size
  • we are members of the IHMA – an international organization comprising the most reliable manufacturers of holograms, as well as an official participant in the programme White List, which means that we have been distinguished as a reputable entity

4. High quality

  • laser numerical personalization provides a lifelong legibility of the hologram
  • guarantee of continuation of the design, thanks to owning a unique line for the production of matrices
  • possibility of additional personalization of the hologram using a logo chosen by you

5. Choice of colours:

  • possibility to choose the appearance of the hologram from among five varieties of colour: silver, gold and copper, green and red.