Holografia Polska


Express Holograms

Express holograms with permanently set-in serial numbers using a laser are the perfect solution for Clients seeking express realization while maintaining reasonable prices.

Here are 5 of the most important advantages of numbered holograms offered by us:

  1. Short time of realization:
  • realization on the day of the order (for orders accepted until 2 p.m.)
  • shipment by courier (from 3000 pieces free of charge!).

2. Low Price

  • the hologram is already produced which means no additional costs of preparation
  • in the framework of cooperation with the company JM Hologramy we are able to increase production circulation to a maximum

3. Safety:

  • the hologram is produced in Poland in our production plant(Wrocław/Pietrzykowice)
  • we have the production management system complying with ISO standards and a copyright management system for numbered holograms.
  • the hologram is protected against imitation attempts due to a few of the most effective holographic techniques
  • there is no problem with shipping, as our products are sent via courier, and we secure every package, regardless of circulation size
  • we are members of the IHMA – an international organization comprising the most reliable manufacturers of holograms, as well as an official participant in the programme White List, which means that we have been distinguished as a reputable entity

4. High quality

  • laser numerical personalization provides a lifelong legibility of the hologram
  • guarantee of continuation of the design, thanks to owning a unique line for the production of matrices
  • possibility of additional personalization of the hologram using a logo chosen by you

5. Choice of colours:

  • possibility to choose the appearance of the hologram from among five varieties of colour: silver, gold and copper, green and red.