Holografia Polska


Standard Holograms

Standard Holograms are intended for Clients who value quick time of realization and the absence of costs of prepress (exposing the hologram), thanks to which we obtain solutions at an affordable price. We can produce even 100 pieces of standard holograms, which protection value remains at a similar level as in the case of individual holograms.

For your full satisfaction, we offer 15 designs of holograms, which we shall subject to further personalization. Designs from the Kine series can have any shape and size. Please consult the dimensions: we have more than 100 punches!

Silver holograms:

Standard Holo type holograms occur only in the given dimensions.

Standard Kine type holograms occur in any shapes.

Gold holograms:

We secure standard holograms in many different ways. One of them is self-destruction of the hologram at attempts to manipulate. Each hologram is made of a matrix, which is our property and during exposure we applied a number of protection techniques, including those that are imperceptible, without the use of specialized verification tools. In addition, we offer several possibilities of print and personalization of holograms in order to create unique and distinctive protection for our Clients’ products:


  • Overprint

No costs of prepress – the guarantee of low cost of production.

48 hours – this is all it takes for the realization of the project.


  • Double matrix

When a standard hologram mimics the individual hologram. We create it through making an additional matrix, in the form of a logo, design, by which we place an additional hologram or any metalized foil on the standard hologram.


  • Dry stamp

This method enables to obtain a logo, design, visible only under certain angles.


  • Laser personalization

This method enables to engrave any logo, text or number on the hologram using a laser. The engraving is impalpable, because we work in the internal structure of the hologram. This method enables to obtain designs with a lifelong guarantee of chemical and mechanical resistance.